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Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Holidays : Hatyai Day 3 - Cabaret Show On New Year's Eve

Sambung lagi post Hatyai......the 2nd day Hatyai post was stuck for 3 days in the draft. Hahhh....kemalasan yang teramat melanda lagi.

31 December 2012 - Morning of day 3 in Hatyai , hujan. Lebat. Risau jugak sebab during this time parts of Perlis & Kedah was reportedly flooded. Hatyai pun pernah kena banjir teruk sampai lumpuh segala-segalanya kat sini. Tiba-tiba risaukan banjir pulak bila hujan tak berhenti dari subuh.

Hujan or not. Banjir or not. Risau or not.....perut kena isi dowh! I had lots of dim sum this morning. 

Since it was raining.....didn't make any plans this morning. Lepak kat hotel je. One more nice thing about this hotel.......ada free WiFi! Laju jugak. Password mana?

Tu dia password WiFi....at a glance ingatkan depa kasi password dalam tulisan Thai....bila tengok kotak kat bawah,,,,baru nampak.....hehehe!

Hujan seriously lama...sampai after 2pm tak berhenti lagi. Hujan-hujan pun , ada jugak yang bermandi-manda kat pool....Well , around 3pm-ish hujan reda and we decided to go out for lunch. Sebelum tut-tut bergerak ke bandar.....dia singgah kat satu kedai runcit kecil untuk isi minyak. Sempoi je tuang minyak pakai corong.

Jalan-jalan kat sekitar Lee Gardens dah mula ditutup untuk acara sambutan tahun baru malam nanti. Dari malam semalam lagi parts of the road dah ditutup. Stage semua dah naik dah dari petang semalam lagi. Even there was a concert last nite but we didn't stop to watch it. Lagi teruja nak shopping. Today the tut-tut dropped us jauh sikit je dari Lee Gardens. Tak de hal coz it's still very near. Walking distance. We headed to Hamid Restaurant , kat tepi Lee Gardens. Many Malaysians makan kat sini. 

This place can be over rated. Dinner time during the weekends selalunya full. We had the usual Thai food. Ikan Siakap Steam with Soy Sauce + Tom Yum Seafood + Lidah Masak Merah + Kangkung Belacan + Sambal Udang Petai + Telur Dadar (2 servings) + drinks.....1,750 Baht (RM175). Food was just OK. Ada yang  lagi sedap kat KL :-(

It's the New Year's Eve! Tonight we're going to Hansa Plaza....nak tengok Cabaret Show. Wow!

The place was very near our hotel tapi kena buat U-turn as it was situated on the other side of the road. Kalau nak jalan boleh tapi sebab bawa my parents....then ada Ashel lagi.....we took the tut-tut. Just a 5 minutes ride from the hotel , paid 80 Baht (RM8).

When I booked for the cabaret show....I did ask if children are allowed to see the show. The lady told me , "Mem....cabeley sho ken....tiger sho kennot...." hmmmm....OK lah. But then again...hey! this is Thailand dude......expecting to see beautiful and sexy ladyboys....hehehe!

The family on New Year's Eve.....

The cabaret stage....

Let the show begin....

All performers....biasa lah....ladyboy. Ada cultural dance , modern dance & comedy act. Semuanya miming. Props were good , make-up was brilliant , costumes were awesome but performers and dancers masih sangat-sangat amateur. Our own Ahmad Kassan dancers yang dok terkinja-kinja dalam Karoot Komedia X lagi bagus in terms of dancing. Eh! They did dance to Noraniza Idris's "Dikir Puteri"..... 

Yup! All ladyboy with beautiful boobs and all. They're pretty. What my parents thought of the show? They're OK with it. They're a sport. They understood that these kinda things are common in Thailand...unless you are in Kelantan laa kan. Duhh!

After show......masa nak keluar dari plaza tu,,,,,,performers dah berada di luar plaza. They're asking for some tips to be shared among them. Hmmmm.....you don't have to give if you don't want to. Actually we all felt sorry for them when we learnt that it was how they make their living every night. It's not an easy job. It's not easy to bare yourself for people to look at on stage. I'm sure if they have any other decent choice,,,,,they wouldn't have chosen to be a ladyboy. 

I have a boy myself,,,,,,anything can happen to him growing up. On that note , for whatever reason,,,,,I will not look down on these people. They're human being as well regardless our faith & religion. We should treat human beings equally just like how you want other people to treat you. That night , my dad....yes , my dad gave few hundred Bahts to the entertainers *he certainly taught me well on the humanity subject* 

Posters of the New Year's Eve countdown was everywhere around Hatyai. There were few around the hotel. After the cabaret show , we went back to the hotel. MP wasn't game to go out anywhere near the city centre on New Year's Eve especially in a foreign land that has a bombing history. Well , last year many Malaysians were injured in an explosion that rocked Lee Gardens. MP also knew that the area will be filled with party goers. Uwaaaa......that means we're staying in on New Year's Eve....sama je kalau ada kat Malaysia time ni. Sama macam tahun lepas when we were at the Golden Palm Tree to celebrate the New Year. There was a party at the private beach but MP opted to stay in the hotel room........hmmmmphhh....memang bosan.  

On the other hand , I know,,,,,he's thinking of our safety beyond anything else. Ya....memang laa bosan and can be anti-climax at times tapi we're safe. Kali ni I faham. Tapi last year kat Gold Coast Sepang tu , memang payah sikit nak terima. Sheeshhhhh.......

So on New Year's Eve , we had dinner at the hotel's Fern Restaurant...listening to a 2 piece band that was continuously singing in Thai. Me & Yna was mimicking the lady singer yang dok menyanyi lagu-lagu Thai tu.....bukan apa,,,,,lagu-lagu yang dia nyanyi sounded the same....hehehe! Don't believe me,,,,try listening to melancholy Thai songs....bunyi macam sama je kot......

After dinner , back to the room lah. Mana nak pergi lagi. Ingat nak swimming malam tapi sejuk laa pulak. Malas pun ye. Buka TV dan cari channel yang buat live telecast of the New Year's Eve countdown in Hatyai. Pop-pet , pop-pet dalam bahasa Thai.....tak faham langsung. Banyak channel TV kat Siam ni , tapi boleh kata semua cakap Siam. Kot ada cerita CSI ke....pun dialih-suara ke bahasa Thai. Udoh penin kome nengokkan si Horatio cakap Siam. Ate kroje nye betukor-tukor channel lah memalam bute tu. Kejap tenggok acara sambutan tahun baru kat Bangkok , kat Malaysia & etc that's on Thai TV sampailah the clock strikes 12!

20 minutes before midnight Hatyaian's had already started the New Year's celebration of their own. You can see and hear fireworks coming from every corner of the city. The skyline was filled with firework displays! Spectacular! In the upper pics , those are the fireworks from the Lee Gardens area. Memang meriah. Around the hotel berdentum-dentam macam bandar kena bom tak berhenti-henti , penuh dengan percikan bunga api and it went on till 20 minutes after we've entered the new year 2013! Cheers to the New Year! 

A note for me : 2013 , new challenges ahead. Massive reward awaits *wink*

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Holidays : Hatyai Day 2 - Floating Market

Sawadee kha......we're blessed with a beautiful day here in Hatyai.

Morning view from the hotel's walkway in front of the room. That's the coffee house.

Breakfast here was pretty basic. Daily they'll have either fried rice , friend noodles or fried kuey teow. I like those heart shape sunny side eggs. Bread with jam , butter & yes! condensed milk!!!! The Thai's just love it and my family's a big fan with anything that has condensed milk in or on it! They served dim sum everyday as well. Local fruits. There's rice porridge with condiments too. I good with the simple and not so many choices of breakfast. Filling anyway.

Muka-muka yang kenyang sudah bah. Alhamdulillah.

After breakfast , lepak-lepak kat hotel and later we headed to town for some light shopping.

Various sections around the hotel.

I super like this one. Instead of letak bunga kat atas meja-meja di lobby hotel....diletaknya pasu-pasu yang ditanam dengan pokok padi....creative.

Sebelum shopping , jalan-jalan cari makan lagi. Our tut-tut stopped us kat main shopping area near Lee Gardens. We did some window shopping.........and with the help of the Hatyai City map , we managed to find this nice and cosy Kelantan Restaurant. 

Aarrgggghhhh.....Coke dalam botol kaca. Jarang jumpa sekarang ni.

Sini ada nasi campur. Ada nasi gulai kawah daging , ayam , ikan & itik. Masakan panas pun ada. Lunch cost us 390 Baht (RM39).

Local fruits! I love those super sweet and juicy pineapples. Me & Yna's favourites. We ate loads of fruits especially pineapples during our stay in Hatyai this time around.

1st timer in Hatyai.....I didn't want to stop my mom from buying things that she wants to buy. My mom loves eating fruits. Just look at what she's holding....duku langsat lah,,,,mata kucing lah.....and now she's being lured into buying 25 biji mangga yang sangat-sangat manis for only RM20...hehhee! Well , she bought them. Berat tu!

I'm crazy of the street food here. Yna's in the same boat as I am. 

Shopping here can really put a hole in your pocket!

We bought some snacks to munch for tea. Those deep fried fresh water prawns aka udang galah costs 800 Baht (RM80). Hey! There's 6 of us....all prawn lovers. And I bought some Musang King as well. 2 plates of it cost 600 Baht (RM60). The Musang King was so devilish! Pulut durian pun beli. Pulut mangga pun beli jugak.

Tea time with Nenek & Atok.

After tea...the kids wanted to swim. Well,,,,OK. Dari pagi lagi sebenarnya dah mengarok nak swimming but I stopped them as there was too many people in the pool during breakfast time this morning. I don't quite like it when the pool is too congested. 

See that nyonya in the pic above? There's no life guard at this pool just this nyonya sitting at the guard counter selling and renting swim caps. Ladies & girls with long hair must wear swim caps here.

At around 5pm , we went to Khlong Hae Floating Market. This market is open only on Fridays , Saturdays and Sundays. It about 20 - 30 minutes away from the city centre.

Very colourful and lively atmosphere here.

Most yang berniaga kat atas sampan ni perempuan. Solely hanya food & drinks sahaja yang dijual kat atas sampan ni.

Nasib baik bawa buggy sebab Ashel fell asleep on the way here.

Unlike the floating markets in Bangkok,,,,almost 90% of the food sold here are Halal. You can see the papan tanda kat belakang-belakang bot , ada logo Halal & bulan bintang :-) This makes the place worth going if you're in Hatyai. Kalau yang kat Bangkok , payah laaa nak ada makanan yang Halal.

Jello in banana leaf boats. Crunchy Prawn Fritters. There's Otak-Otak....delicious. Pulut & Pulut Hitam  dalam buluh pun ada. The Thai's are an extremely creative people laa.

Just look at those colourful and variety of food. Those sweet & coloured Luk Chups , those fried quail eggs are so pretty! I remembered my BIL's chef which is from Thailand , Kak Som used to make those tiny Luk Chups in the shape of various fruits on special occasions at my BIL's home. 

Ni cara jual beli kat sini. Bila makanan yang dipesan siap , they put it in a basket dan hulurkan pada kita. Then we put money in the basket. Cool kan?....Harga makanan kat sini semuanya dalam 20 Baht - 30 Baht (RM2 - RM3) sebungkus sahaja.

Yang makan kat sana....makan laa kan. Ni yang bawa balik ke hotel. Otak-otak , fried seafood with eggs , pulut dalam buluh tu and those mini pancakes with grated coconuts that me & Yna loves so much. Yna siap cakap , kalau datang Hatyai lagi , dia nak jugak datang kat floating market ni just to buy those pancakes....hehehe!

There were few seasoning stations along the river bank. Anyone can season their food kat sini. Kalau makanan yang dibeli tak cukup pedas....ada cili padi & chilli powder. Kalau sup yang dibeli kurang masin , ada fish sauce. Cuka , gula , kicap semua ada. Good idea.

Ni paling unik. Bila kita beli minuman , it comes together with these clay containers. Just 20 Baht (RM2). Kalau nak mug or container yang besar sikit....dalam 30 - 35 Baht (RM3-RM3.50). You can choose any design yang you suka. Nice.

MP had Teh Ais. I had lime juice.

We ended having 3 of those clay containers. Hmmm....nak bawak balik kena bungkus elok-elok ni.

Faces at the floating market. You can tell who's enjoying the trip and who's so uncomfortable and can't wait to get back to the hotel, right.....hehehe!

Our driver left us for 2 hours there. Around 7:30pm we headed back to meet our driver.

Bila malam pulak.....kedai-kedai makan yang kat mainland ni pulak yang jadi tumpuan. Selesa sikit kalau nak makan....boleh duduk elok-elok. Kalau beli makanan kat tepi sungai tu,,,,,either makan berdiri atau duduklah kat mana-mana yang kita suka kat tepi sungai tu. Kat mainland ni bukan setakat kedai-kedai makan....nak shopping for souveniers pun ada.

We can come here with tuk-tuk which is much cheaper but we opted to be chauffeur driven. I spotted a surau made of woven bamboo walls just right next to where our driver parked the car. Wat-wat Siam kecil ni ada merata. Siap ada botol-botol Mirinda lagi atas wat-wat Siam tu....for what , "Hindi ko alam" *kes layan telenovela Philippines sampai pukul 3 pagi*

Balik hotel. Rest & Relax. 

Malam tiba. Nak jalan-jalan lagi....We took the tuk-tuk to town. Tuk-tuk kat sini di-modify with all sorts of accessories. Yang kitaorang naik malam ni , macam mobile disco. Ada disco lights & speaker-speaker besar bapak....huhuhu!

It was 2 days before the new year , memang meriah kat area Lee Gardens tu. Sepanjang jalan ditutup untuk kenderaan and we can freely walk till the end of the road. Loads of happenings and people we saw that night.

Tema concert tahun baru kat bandar Hatyai for the year was Glitter of Life....there was several mobile disco booths along the road. At some of the booths there'll be impersonators and the public can take photos with them. Macam-macam aktiviti kat booth-booth ni. Ada yang buat games....boleh suka-suki nak menari tengah-tengah jalan tu....fun & happening!

This was where the street fun started , in front of Lee Gardens. Jalan....cuci mata sambil shopping....lagi....hehehe! 

OK....dah selesai shopping,,,,,time to chill sebelum balik hotel. Lepak kejap kat warung-warung tepi jalan kat area Lee Gardens. Dunno why but while I was in Hatyai , I suka order Teh Ais. It's so aromatic and sweet and......entahlah....I just love the Ice Tea here. Yna noticed the changes  sebab selalunya I will order either Teh O Ais Limau or Ice Lemon Tea or Limau Ais....anything yang ada Lime or Lemon in it will be my choice. But not in Hatyai. Yna pun ikut jugak order Teh Ais......and she instantly fell in love with it.....hehehe! She was never an Ice Tea fan.

Fried flat rice noodle for a quick supper.

Aarrggghhhh......this was truly refreshing,,,,,Sarang Burung drink. Another favourite of mine. You have a choice to have it warm or cold....with jello & etc in it like when you eat Lai Chi Kang or you can have it plain. I had mine with ice & plain. Nice.

Sarang burung memang famous kat sini. You can have it in many ways,,,,ada yang jual sup sarang burung tapi most of the restaurants yang jual sup sarang burung around the area,,,,tak Halal. I know coz I pernah termakan masa datang Hatyai years back in the 90's. Depa buat sup tu macam shark's fin & crab meat soup. They substitute the shark's fin with bird's nest and the crab meat with shredded oink oink. Choi!

Just before midnight , we took the tuk-tuk back to the hotel. Haaahhhhh.......a long day spent on food...food....food. Well , that can't be too bad , right *wink*.

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