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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jom Zumba!

Lama tak exercise dowh! I know that I had to start flushing those sweat out of my system once in awhile and that's when I decide to try Zumba! Kalau aerobics pun tak nak join lagi but since Zumba ni approach dia is more to dancing.....Yes!!! it'll do it for me as it tricked my brain to think that I'm dancing on a dance floor....huhuhu! 

I was lucky sebab my good friend Kak Elise is a certified Aerobics / Zumba / Bokwa instructor. She's my senior in school and big sister to actress Watie Elite. Activity Kak Elise is filled with either one of these fat buster classes. At her age , with 4 adult kids....she has the perfect body. Tak boleh nak cemburu sebab boleh kata setiap hari dia exercise. Me???? Huhuhu....sedey!

So last Monday was my first class. I dragged my vocal student Khalil to Zumba class with me....hehehe! He was the only guy there but they gals didn't mine. I was told that it's a mix gender class cuma hari yang Khalil pergi tak de orang lelaki. Nak ajak MP , memang sekian laaa kan. Ni pun kena pujuk dia to send me to class kalau nanti ada hari yang Khalil tak boleh join sekali. Kelas pulak malam......ni pun nasib baik MP kasi I pergi check-out the class. Hopefully dia kasi izin for me to continue the class.

If you're on the same boat as I am , where the word EXERCISE is never in your vocabulary......then this is for you. 1 hour session passed by so quickly with lots of dancing , fun and laughter. Best sangat. Should give it a try. I would at least wanna come to the class once a week. 
These are the trainers....Alynn *she's 4 months pregnant* but she moves like thunder! Kak Elise will substitute her if Alynn's not well. They're all certified instructors. 

Tak rasa macam exercise pun....more tu macam menari. Tapi by end of the 1 hour session....mandi peluh jugak.....tu pun I buat dengan output 70% je....tak lah terlompat-lompat or bergoyang sungguh-sungguh macam those yang dah selalu attend.....still boleh perah peluh laa baju....hehehe!

They have various classes every day. 
Monday : Power Dance
Tuesday : Fusion Dance
Wednesday : Belly Dance
Thursday : Raggaboom
Friday : Power Dance

Fees pun reasonable. Macam hari tu I walk-in je. Have to pay RM10 only.

They have packages like :
6 classes RM50 / 10 classes RM80 / 13 classes 100 / Unlimited classes RM130 (yang ni you can come every day throughout the month)
Classes starts at 9pm. 
So if you peeps wanna try it out , go to Energy Fits Crew it's in Taman Sri Gombak. Hmmmm....I don't have the phone number laa pulak....

A note for me : It's coming my way....

Photos copyrighted to VOCALWEALTH NETWORKS. Unless expressed permission has been granted by Miss Rima Rashidi, you may not copy any images from this site. Using images from this site without permission is prohibited.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


As Salam & Hello everyone!

Have not been updating for months now. So extremely busy with the musical theater that I was involved in , Chow Kit Road! Chow Kit Road! The Musical....

This musical is filled with fabulous songs by Datuk Sudirman Haji Arshad but the storyline is totally different from the film Kami which Sudir acted. It's a story about a boy who would wanna make it big outside of Chow Kit Road.

Me & my vocal team had been working with this project since February till May 2013. Staged at Istana Budaya from 10th - 26th May 2013. As am writing this post , we're still performing in Istana Budaya. Today (Sunday - 19th May) , we just staged a Matinee Show at 3pm and we're give an off day on Monday. Dapat cuti 11/2 hari....took the opportunity to update my blog with my latest story.

Vocal & Music discussion session for CKR! CKR! The Musical at KLpac with Director (Saw Teong Hin) , Music Director (Jamie Wilson) & Vocal Director (Siti Hajar).

From mid February me & 2 other vocal trainers had been going to The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre aka KLpac in Sentul to teach. Seksa jugak nak redah jam petang-petang dari Ampang ke Sentul. Gigihkan jugak dowh! 

End of April , the production moved to the Ballet Room at Istana Budaya for further rehearsals.

At the Ballet Room.....back-up vocalists , Vocalwealth Vocalists from my studio finally got the chance to rehearse with the live band lead by Music Director , Jamie Wilson.

More on what we do for this musical play......I've been assigned as the Vocal Arranger for the Ensembles in this musical play directed by creative award winning director Mr Saw Teong Hin (he directed Puteri Gunung Ledang). I've been working alongside my other vocal trainers Cikgu Shahrol & Cikgu Maziah for this project. Cikgu Siti Hajar is also working with us as the Vocal Director. 

Each of us has our own work load in this musical , Cikgu Siti Hajar conducted classes with the main casts in which I would assist her from time to time. I was assigned to do a vocal arrangements for the songs "Merisik Khabar" & harmony lines in "Warisan". 

Cikgu Shahrol taught more on the technical side of vocals. Cikgu Maziah pulak ditugaskan untuk tulis score muzik dan kerja hakiki I dalam musical ni ialah untuk buat vocal arrangements untuk Ensembles....depa ni ialah a group of 20 orang pemain teater yang kena menyanyi sambil menari dalam teater muzikal ni. I have to make sure they sing dengan harmony accompaniment while dancing!

Dalam a musical play , peranan Back-up Vocalists penting to enhance what ever that's been sung on stage by the casts & ensembles.....not to make them look like they're miming on stage. TAPI....kalau casts & ensembles leka,,,,,atau malas menyanyi,,,,,audience akan nampak macam depa kantoi atas pentas. If that happens,,,,,tak boleh laa nak salahkan BV's (Back-up Vocalists) kalau voice projection BV's lagi bagus dari pemain di atas pentas *wink*......

Kat Malaysia ni peranan Back-up Vocalists selalunya di ambil mudah oleh sesetengah pihak. Depa ingat BV's ni menyemak je. Dah ada penyanyi & penari cukup lah....nak BV ramai-ramai atas pentas pun nak buat apa. Itu masih lagi persepsi yang BV's hadapi dalam industri seni di Malaysia ni. Few days ago tengok re-run of Michael Jackson's "This Is It" on Astro.....best sangat tengok macamana MJ appreciate his BV's in his concert. BV's were equally important as musicians & dancers in his concert.....Kat sini? Paling dipandang sepi.

Segi bayaran pulak jangan cakaplah,,,,,ratus je bunyi-nye. Nak dapat ribu-ribu macam team kami dapat,,,,sangat-sangat payah. An experienced BV's fee can reach RM4K-5K untuk sebuah produksi teater yang big budget kat Malaysia ni. Selalunya producer teater faham kepentingan BV's dalam sesebuah naskah muzikal tapi bila kena ke producer main stream (like TV & film producers), agak kurang lagi pemahaman puak-puak ni mengenai kepentingan BV's. In our case dalam teater CKR! CKR! ni,,,,,,soundman sangat-sangat tidak memahami. Kalau yang jaga audio tu betul-betul seorang sound engineer or soundman , dia mungkin faham. Tapi rasanya , diaorang tu sound technician je kot. Tak cukup ilmu audio bunyi dah diambil jadi soundman. In short , mana mungkin level suara BV Soprano sama dengan level suara BV Bass!!!! Sengal.  Nak sekolahkan pada yang tak tahu asas vokal , buang masa.The show must go on. 

On that note , me & Kak Siti akan terus berjuang agar peranan BV's dalam industri seni di Malaysia ini diangkat ke satu tahap yang boleh dibanggakan. Satu perkara yang perlu diketahui oleh mereka yang kurang arif dalam vokal,,,,,,,penyanyi solo tidak perlu mahir dalam menghasilkan nyanyian berharmoni TETAPI sebagai BV atau penyanyi latar , adalah WAJIB bagi setiap BV untuk mahir melagukan baris-baris harmoni yang diberikan atau yang diperlukan dalam sesebuah lagu. In other words , ilmu nyanyian BV mestilah melebihi penyanyi solo. Sekian dimaklumkan. So, dah tahu kan? Sila ubah persepsi....kata bodoh , marah pulak *wink*

Ni lah muka-muka yang terlibat sebagai penyanyi latar atau back-up vocalists untuk teater muzikal Chow Kit Road! Chow Kit Road! Semuanya anak didik & tenaga pengajar dari Studio Vocal Siti Hajar. I yang paling tua siol! Paling muda si Daniel , 16 tahun baru. Yang lain 20+ , mudo belio. Naturally I'm the head of BV's for this play....4 series dowh!

A pic of me with our Music Director , Jamie Wilson....he's so cool I tell you!

Musicians line-up....we all work together coz we're being stationed together at the music pit. BV's and musicians are under Jamie's supervision. Cool! 

From left Vick on Tabla - Nizam on Percussions - John on Drums - Jamie on Guitar - Andy on Bass - Sze Wan on Keyboards - Kumar on Sitar and Eric on Keyboards. Not in photo , Mohar on Seruling.

........kena stop. Nak tidur......sambung nanti....Alamak,,,,ingat nak post malam ni....tak boleh jugak. Macam banyak lagi yang nak ditulis.....Nite!

6 June 2013
Hehehe....melampau kan,,,,,baru nak jengok blog. Dah lupa laa pulak apa yang nak ditulis malam tu.....lama jugak renung laptop....fikir....tak mari aaaa....

OK lah....post je lah.

By now,,,,Chow Kit Road dah 12 hari berlalu.........hah,,,,lega CKR dah habis tapi rindukan hari-hari di Istana Budaya. Berminggu berkampung kat sana. The performed 16 shows all together! I miss my music pit!

As I was hitting the Post button....

Owh! Owh! Baru teringat nak tulis apa........sengal , kan....hahaha!

Ni lah music pit kat bawah pentas di mana me and my BV team dok melalak tiap malam kat Istana Budaya. Sebelah drum dan berdepan dengan percussions! Memang vocal projection kena over the top kalau tak,,,,,,sedeyyyy.....Basically , apa yang Ensemble CKR nyanyi kat atas pentas,,,,,we BV's will sing along with all the harmonies to enhance their vocals......

This was my nightly view from the music pit. Nice.

Ni after show malam pertama! BV's berjaya buat audience tanya..."diaorang yang kat stage tu mimming je ke?"....krik,,,,krik,,,krik....

Oh yeah! Part of the CKR team. Me & Kak Siti with the awsome Pat Ibrahim who choreographed those groovy dance movements in CKR. Also in this pic is award winning director Saw Teong Hin *director of Horey Horey*. It was a memorable experience for me working with Teong Hin & team. priceless.

After our last show , ada wrap party hosted by Madam Producer and after months of working together.....finally,,,,,it's a wrap!

A glimpse of what we did nightly......Yna recorded this. Curi-curi...hehehe!

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