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Monday, July 22, 2013

1 - 7 Romadhon 1434

Hari ni dah masuk 13 Ramadhan and I'm only updating happenings from 1st to 7th Ramadhan. Bukan tak de masa , tapi sibuk dok buat photo collages. Too many piccys taken , tak larat nak upload semua ke blog.

So this Ramadhan picture tale starts from Bersahur on the 1st day of Ramadhan. Our routine for other sahur mornings would be very simple. MP will wake up at 3:30am for a light sahur that's already being pre-prepared and spared at our TV area. He'll watch TV while having his sahur. I'll wake Yna up at 4:30am for a sip or two of plain water. I'll do the same. Lucky me that MP does not require me to masak subuh-subuh untuk makan nasi. He's so cool when in comes to sahur. He knows I'm not the heavy sahur person....infact , I can go on fasting without sahur but since bersahur is sunnah,,,,,,bangun jugak walaupun untuk minum seteguk air putih :-)

Sahur of 1st Ramadhan :

Making some sandwiches for 1st day of Sahur.....1st day only! 

Seasoned beef with salt & pepper and seared on hot wok for few minutes on all sides with a bit of butter..

Made Honey Mustard dressing.....honey + mustard + mayo + black pepper.

By then my medium rare beef's done. Slice it....

There you go....Beef Sandwich for Day 1 of Sahur.

MP tak nak sandwich daging , gigi dia sakit katanya. Made him an instant mushroom soup with slices of white bread.

Iftar 1 Ramadhan :

Malas nak keluar sebenarnya tapi kena jugak sebab nak cari my regular Lepat Labu. Tahun ni Pasar Ramadhan Taman Melawati dah berubah lokasi ke area K Klub *di Taman Melawati juga*. Cari , cari , cari....tak de. Entah kat mana pulak Abang Lepat Labu tu berniaga tahun ni 

All set for buka puasa.

My fast and furious way of making this Kerabu Kerang. 

(1)  In a bowl , jus limau nipis + crushed black pepper + salt.
(2)  Mix well & add santan.
(3)  Add cut cili padi + green chili + onions.
(4)  Add taugeh (celur) + kerang (celur) & mix well. 

Yna loves this so much.

MP bought Lemak Ikan Kurau + Lemak Siput Sedut for himself.

Then he stir fried a portion of Okras also for himself.

Me & Yna is just fine with only Kerabu Kerang with rice.

Choices of kuih for berbuka today.

Iftar 2 Ramadhan :

Thirsty! Had a huge glass of Dragon Fruit Juice..........I don't care! Kita minum dulu!

MP wanted kupang for iftar....

Made Mussels with Oyster Sauce. 

(1)  Sauted garlic & ginger.
(2)  Add mussels.
(3)  Add some water for some gravy & add oyster sauce.
(4)  Add a pinch of crushed black pepper.

Wait till gravy's bubbled away and it's done.

Kerabu Kerang semalam ada lagi.
 Infact ada lagi 1 portion kept cool in the fridge for I don't down when!

Food for Iftar today. Syukur.

Kuih & drinks....Air Asam Boi for MP & Dragon Fruit Juice for me.

Iftar 3 Ramadhan :

Yay! Hari ni dapat lepat labu yang dicari-cari....tahun ni Abang Lepat Labu tu berniaga kat Pasar Ramadhan Setiawangsa.

Budak ni tak puasa lagi.....5 biji pisang Montel dia sebat hari ni!

Simple ingredients , lots of garlic + ginger + scallions & tomatoes.

Made the gravy first out of water + fish sauce + oyster sauce & black pepper.
Add the ingredients to gravy mix.

Steam for 20 minutes.

Poor fish....tak de steamer besar......sikda hal lah....janji ikan tu masak.

A family's favourite - Stir Fried French Beans with Chicken Gizzard + Chicken Liver with Oyster Sauce

Easy , just saute garlic & ginger.....add the chicken organs....hehhee!

Make sure that the organ's fully cooked before adding oyster sauce & black pepper.

Add french beans.....and keep on stirring the vege till you get the consistency that you want.

We all at home love this dish.

Food for Iftar today. Amen.

Steamed Siakap + French Beans & Reheated Ayam Goreng *from yesterday*

Kuih :
Mine - Lepat Labu
Yna : Cream Caramel
Partner : The rest!

Partner - Air Asam Boi Limau Kasturi
Mine - Jus Tembikai

Iftar 4 Ramadhan :

Finally dapat berbuka with my parents at their home.

Snapped from the verandah. Ashel ikut Atok pergi surau ambil bubur lambok.

Brought Lepat Labu from home. My dad suka.

The rest MP beli kat Pasar Ramadhan Taman Nirwana.

I did the cooking even though we're breaking-fast at my parents. Talking about masakan ibu,,,,,hmmmm......my mom's cooking is very limited. She's a working mom. Cooking is not her forte but she can cook. I learned few family recipes from her but I simplified it....hehehe! With mom , not everything is about mom's cooking OK. Banyak lagi yang ibu buat that we can cherish.

For Iftar I cooked Sambal Udang Petai , Stir-fry Sawi Putih with Prawns & Bendi Cili *MP's favs*

My dad's favourite, ikan bakar....makan dengan budu & tempoyak.
MP makan jugak....tapi ikan je laa...budu dia tak makan.

Mood rajin nak menolong.....

Food for Iftar today & MP beli Lemak Telur Itik coz dia tak reti makan nasi tanpa kuah.

May Allah grant me my wishes.....*Rindu , dekat tapi jauh*

Iftar 5 Ramadhan :

Buka puasa at home again today.

(1)  Having prawns in the menu today. Ada yang I buang kulit & ada yang tidak.
Yang buang kulit is for the MP & the kids. Yang tak buang kulit tu obviously for me lah.

(2)  Nak buat Sambal Telur...so kena rebus telur dulu.

(3)  Nak buat tempura udang....bancuh tepung tempura dulu.

(4)  Found peeled onions & shallots at Tesco Extra Ampang! Ahhh! A life saver....no woman , no cry....hahaha!

Super fast but good to eat. I added some petai at the end....crazy!

Making Lemak Udang....

(1)  Main susun-susun bahan dalam periuk dulu.....hehhee!
(2)  Heat on and add water to it.
(3)  Bila kuah dah mendidih , add salt & sugar. Then add santan.
(4)  Then add udang & tomatoes + cili padi & hirisan daun kunyit. Not long and it's done.

All...home cooked. Except from the Ikan Rebus,,,,Giant did that for me , I just fry it....hehehe!

At the last minute , MP had the urge to stir-fry some okra....with Perencah Sayur Goreng Adabi *yang I tak suka tapi MP sangat-sangat suka! Kalau dia goreng sayur bendi mesti guna paste ni* with kerang lagi....oh! no!....Honestly , I never like okra being cooked with this chili paste , tak sedap to my taste plus it's too salty for me. Tapi MP suka sangat. Dia sorang je yang makan kalau masak bendi macam ni. 

Food for Iftar today.

My rice portion , mind me.

Tahun ni MP was being diagnosed having an early stage gastric...he's on medication. I was hoping that dia dapat puasa walaupun ada gastrik. Tak nak dia jadikan gastrik tu alasan untuk dia tak puasa macam.......sishhhh.....nevermind. Bottom line , senang sangat kalau MP tak nak puasa.....in short , it's "in his blood" when it comes to bab-bab ponteng puasa ni. Tak kuasa nak cerita. MP knows where I stand when it comes to skipping puasa for no reason. 

Alhamdulillah , MP tak lah kekwat macam.....eeeee.....ringan je mulut aku nak cakap.....sabar,,,,,sabar,,,,sabar,,,,,,tak baik.....You know what,,,,,lantak depa lah....selagi MP is my husband , I will jaga him only. Others , gi mampos.

Just before puasa MP kena buat endoscopy procedure to check on his lungs & stomach. Doctor kata MP ada symptoms gastric. So for buka puasa MP kena makan ringan-ringan dulu.....rest kejap.....then baru boleh makan yang berat-berat.

Tu yang MP rajin dok beli kuih , dia buka puasa dengan kuih-kuih. So kuih Lopes yang kat mangkuk dalam gambar tu , itu lopes MP yang punya.....bukan Ahmad Albab yang punya....hehehe!

 Lychee Jello untuk Yna. Karipap for us to share after buka , depan TV.

Hari ni MP bought Air Asam Boi for him & Chrysanthemum Tea for me.

Iftar 6 Ramadhan :

Going Japanese at home today!

My helper.....tukang kopek udang.

I just need to get those prawns straight! Some technical help here....

Guna toothpicks to help out.

OK , menjadi TAPI.....lepas goreng udang semua , nak cabut keluar toothpick tu yang azab. 

Boleh terburai tepung dari udang....SO,,,,,pandai-pandai lah makan wahai family ku....hehhee!

Making our own Teppanyaki with whatever sauces we have at home...

A very long brinjal I got there for my Nasu Tempura.....used half only. Am eating it alone!

This was an improvisation from yesterday's Lemak Udang. Heated it up and cracked in couple of eggs.....Today it became Lemak Telur. Sekian dimaklumkan.

Home made Tempuras & bought Sushis

When it comes to sushi...this is our fav....don't quite like those fancy sushis with mayo & etc.

Salmon Sushi...Didn't quite finish it.....esok boleh makan lagi.

Tamago Maki...Ashel's favourite.

Haaa.....today Ebi Tempura ok dari semalam. Once in awhile boleh laa buat.....makes the kitchen , my hands , my cooking utensils.....arrghhh....so messy!

Nasu Tempura....I---Love---Brinjals! 
*Mode : Singing to the melody of satu lagu famous Indon dulu-----"Aku suka singkong , Kau suka keju...Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Aku suka terong , Kau suka bendi...Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!...hehehe! sengal kejap*

Food for Iftar today.

See the ikan goreng.....that's for my anti-climax partner who's so not game to play Japanese with us today! Duhhhh!!!!

Bought another batch of my fav Lepat Labu as I've taken the ones bought earlier to my parents place. It will last me for another 5 days *wink*

Yna wanted Buah Melaka but ended not eating it tonight.

MP finished his Talam Berlauk...

Karipap for us all to share....tapi yang hari ni tak best. Tak habis.

Perhaps one day dapat sampai ke Jepun to indulge ourselves with the original Japanese cuisine....Insya'Allah.

Iftar 7 Ramadhan :

Lived through another day in Ramadhan. Syukur.

Using bahan yang ada dalam fridge. Capsicum tak de , so I guna cili hijau....buang biji.

Banyak kali dah masak kat blog ni :-)

Ni kes nak habiskan tepung tempura. Terung semalam pun guna separuh je....udang ada sikit lagi....so hari ni , kasi settle semua.

Terung jadi macam goreng pisang kaedahnya & udang jadi macam cucur udang....lantok le....janji boleh makan!

Food for Iftar today.

Salmon Sushi semalam pun tak habis makan , so today cuba habiskan....

Saya anak-beranak makan , Spaghetti Bolognese....
MP tak layan spaghetti spaghetti ni.....dia beli Mee Rebus favourite dia kat restoren Mak Tim, Selera Sajian Warisan Johor.


Dah seminggu puasa. By now rasanya you can figure out that it is actually quite difficult for me to "configure" the food section for my family. Masing-masing ada selera tersendiri. Nak jimat , payah.

I've compromised with spiciness in dishes. Lemak Cili Padi can never be cook at home coz MP can't deal with spicy food. Sambal pun kena yang tak over powering....yang boleh hanya yang budak-budak baya Ashel boleh makan je tahap kepedasannya! *Sedey* 

Ulam jauh sekali.....petai , jering , kacang botol.....apa jenis ulam , memang MP tak makan. I makan Nasi Kerabu yang penuh dengan ulam-ulam tu pun dia pelik tengok. I pulak sangat-sangat suka ulam. Paling suka ulam petai. I eat lots of PE-TAI! 

Bahan cicah macam budu , tempoyak.....mintak ampun. MP tak kan cuit. Yang dia makan is Sambal Belacan *tu pun kalau tak terlalu pedas sangat*. Bukan makan pun , just calit-calit je. Cencalok MP makan , cicah kicap & air asam MP makan,,,,,,tapi dia akan ketepikan cili padi or cili-cili yang ada....bawang OK.

Lauk-lauk yang berasaskan Ikan Darat like Patin , Keli & etc....hmmmm....dia tak suka. Tapi kalau dah tak ada yang lain or terpaksa or kalau dia tak tahu the fish is Patin , dia akan makan....hehehe! At one point , ikan keli pun dia tak nak makan. Katanya his family only eats Ikan Sembilang and not Keli....huhuhu! Tak kuasa nak layan weh! 

Gulai-gulai yang ada letak tempoyak langsung dia tak akan makan. Durian memang dia sangat-sangat anti. *????* *No idea*

Ikan Tongkol pun tak makan. Katanya family dia memang pantang dengan ikan tongkol. The reason? Hmmmm.....tak masuk akal sangat tapi biarlah rahsia. TAPI yang hairannya , sardin dalam tin & tuna depa tu makan pulak. Pathetic sangat. Nak buat macam mana.....beras ana juga...eh biras...*wink*

On that note : I took the initiative to introduce my children to food......baik budu , petai , tempoyak , patin , keli , nasi kerabu......so far.....Yna OK. Tak kekwat. Boleh je makan. 

To all selamat berpuasa....be grateful in having a partner yang ada citarasa yang sama. I don't but making the best to compromise and still enjoy food! Moga Dia tidak menarik nikmat makan yang telah diberikan padaku like He did to my partner *wink*

A note for me : Enjoy & Explore food you idiots!

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