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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Attended A Chinese Wedding

This is a throwback, mid November 2013. My last post was about me visiting my godfather in Ipoh , actually I was also in Ipoh during that period of time to attend a family friend son's wedding.

Masa ni Yna tak dapat ikut sekali sebab dia masih terlibat dengan program Astro , Ceria Superstar 2. So just me , MP & Ashel made the trip to Ipoh. Tak berapa seronok bila travel dan Yna tak ada sekali. At the same time , I know the hard time Yna was facing since she signed up for the show. Me & MP made it clear to her that she has to be strong to face all the obstacles because this is the career path she had chosen....we as parents will support her but she has to stand by herself and work her way up with the talent that she has. 

True enough,,,,along the way Yna got to know who her friends really are. It was a sad & emotional period for Yna coz she had to execute her weekly tasks with a bunch of cold hearted 'friends' that she no longer comfortable working with but due to contract signed with ASTRO,,,,Yna must put her emotional feelings aside and keep on dancing. Poor baby but hey!,,,,,welcome to the entertainment world! Dunia artis katanya....It's exciting but I never said that it's easy.....and.....that's why I quit! *wink*

OK....back to my stay in Ipoh. We stayed at Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, it was the venue of the wedding. Nice hotel. Ashel was so excited dapat stay kat hotel....hehehe!

Our room...very spacious.

The river view....Bila malam pokok-pokok lampu neon tu bercahaya....macam I-City gitu. By the way it's dubbed as Ipoh I-City.

Not only me & my kids.....rasanya taking kids to the pool is a wajib routine for most of us bila stay kat hotel right?

As for me....I will always be ready in my swimming gear each time we're at the pool. Swim atau tidak comes second but I'll be close to the water if anything should happen or whenever the kids need me. MP? Hmmmm....kena tengok mood dia. He seldom follow me & the kids to the pool. On holiday, kalau tiba time bawak anak-anak pergi pool,,,,he'll opted to stay in the room. Tidur. I don't mind that coz I know that he needed the rest. Selalunya dia yang drive so an extra time for him to rest and chill on his own is fine with me. 

After all he's a Cancer, a crab,,,,dua alam...hehehe! Sebab tu I kata when it comes to water,,,,kena ikut mood dia. Kalau dia rasa nak berendam dengan anak-anak,,,,he will follow us to the pool, if he doesn't feel like it,,,,he'll stay away. I'm an Aquarius, a water bearer, naturally I love water.....the beach , the pool , scuba , snorkeling....Yna's following my interest.....Ashel pulak...hmmmm....dia suka main air je buat masa ni but showed no interest to learn how to swim yet. Not like Yna. 

And yes....I don't wear makeup to the pool. And yes....I don't usually wear makeup when am out of the house. And yes....I don't do facials except for scrubbing my face with St Ives Apricot Scrub once a month. And yes....I don't wash my face with facial products but only wash my face with water. And yes....I do have wrinkles around my eyes....and that's OK by me.

Time to go to the wedding! Sekarang kena-lah ber-makeup sikit. Sikit je. No, I don't use expensive makeup brands. Dari dulu zaman active menyanyi & berlakon pun, I did not practice myself to spend so much money on high end makeup brands. Tipulah kalau cakap tak beli langsung, adalah jugak beli makeup mahal-mahal ni,,,,,tapi mostly lipsticks. 

Since I mula kenal makeup.....my mother guna Avon. Then she mixed her makeup kit with Indonesian cosmetic products like Mustika Ratu & Sari Ayu. I grew up with those brands. Masa mula-mula jadi artis, itulah brand yang I dok guna.

Bila masuk early 20's....baru-lah I mula guna cosmetic products by The Body Shop and still mixing my makeup kit with Avon, Mustika Ratu & Sari Ayu....

Only once in my life , I did spend thousands of ringgit at one go to buy a full range of makeup by Christian Dior. That was in my mid 20's. Beli pun sebab kengkawan artis yang senior masa tu masing-masing akan keluarkan makeup-makeup jenama mahal bila depa nak touch-up muka masa show & etc. Macam-macam brand depa ada. Nak tak nak,,,,I pun ikut-lah jadi 'plastik' jugak.....time touch up depan kengkawan artis,,,,,haaa.....keluarlah segala Christian Dior, hokkay...hehehe! So fake!  But I stay true to my brand, only Christian Dior. Tapi tu kalau depan kengkawan artis,,,,,if not....am back to my Body Shop-Avon-Mustika Ratu & Sari Ayu *wink*

The second time , masa MP nak beli barang hantaran for our wedding. Dia tanya I nak makeup brand apa....again, I told him Christian Dior. So untuk hantaran kahwin masa tu, dapat-lah makeup, perfume, handbag & kasut from Christian Dior.

Now....My basic foundation (for stage/heavy make-up days), I'll use Revlon PhotoReady by Revlon. For this wedding, I didn't wear any foundation but instead put on ZA's 2way foundation / face powder. Bila habis, I'll buy the refill. Been using it since 2006. Before I guna All-In-One Face Base by The Body Shop but when they discontinued the product that I loved so much,,,,,I turned to ZA. I think sekarang dah ada balik dah product yang I suka tu....coz pernah nampak kat The Body Shop in Singapore. Tak pernah check-out pulak kat Body Shop sini sebab kalau masuk Body Shop pun terus beli its eyeliners or brow definers. Banyak body product yang I suka, The Body Shop Malaysia dah tak carry lagi , super like its Milk Bath Powder.

For my eye make-up,,,,I'll usually use a mixture of cosmetic products from Maybelline - Revlon - Silky Girl & Body Shop. Silky Girl? Cheap? It's OK. Tak mati pun guna brand murah. Plus, they have nice eye shades. For deep or heavy eye make-up I'll use PAC by Martha Tilaar, it's an Indonesian local brand. Blushers are from SimplySiti & PAC. Lipsticks are from Revlon & SimplySiti. 

You know what....A red lipstick will always be a red lipstick, high end brand or not. Kapish!

Since we stayed at the hotel where the wedding was held , so senang-lah. Tak perlu drive redah bandar Ipoh malam-malam.

This is MP with Mr Cheong aka bapak pengantin lelaki. Mr Cheong is MP's ex-boss when MP was working as an Executive Manager at his seafood restaurant in Shah Alam back in the early 90's. Then Mr Cheong opened another seafood restaurant in Cheras and made MP the director of the company. From there MP became one of Mr Cheong's trusted man (trusted Malay man) till this very day. And now Mr Cheong trusted MP to be his CLO (chief liaison officer) for his construction & real estate development projects. In short, we became close family friends. A very close family friend. Lain agama, lain bangsa....Syukur. 

Photos of us with Mr Cheong's family at the wedding....

Thankfully , Ashel was very well behaved that night :-)

There was only 1 non-Chinese table that night. It's for us , Mr Cheong's son's best friend (also a Malay guy) with his family & 2 Indian ladies from a local charity organization , which Mr Cheong made a donation to that night :-)  
The Chinese dinner......black chicken soup,,,,,first time for me. Quite good.

Mr Cheong with his family.

Yum Seng time! Kita pun Yam Seng jugak-lah....dengan Chinese tea & Ashel with his glass of Coke....*Yum Seng is like Cheers! in the western culture,,,,proposing a toast....drinking to success , good health & happiness...it's a tradition nothing religiously oriented...so jangan dok kalut & kolot sangat* *wink*

With the bride and groom.
The next morning.....we had a hearty breakfast! Took time and enjoyed our meal.

We later spent our day walking along the riverfront. There was a bridge from the hotel side for us to cross over to visit Palong Tin Museum.
Sungai Kinta....keroh sungguh air-nya. Macam warna teh tarek.

Haaa.....kat jambatan ni ada banyak padlock yang ditinggalkan oleh couple-couple yang sedang bercinta. Macam padlock love bridge di Paris lah. Tapi yang kat Paris dah sarat dengan padlock....yang kat Ipoh ni masih lompang lagi. Padlock & love,,,,symbolizes that when you're in love with somebody, you lock your love with the person in your heart. Locking it with a padlock, it means that the love will stay there. Well, apapun kepercayaannya buat those couples,,,,,gantung padlock for the sake of love is fine tapi jangan sampai gantung diri kat jambatan ni in the name of love sudah ye.....jangan jadi bodoh , please be wise. 

Seberang Sungai Kinta ada Palong Tin Museum. Walaupun museum ni baru but it's very beneficial for young Malaysians or young Perakians to know the history of the state of Perak. Dulu masa tak ada PLUS Highway, dari KL kena guna jalan lama untuk balik Taiping. Masa tu dapatlah jugak tengok kapal-kapal korek kat lombong bijih timah sebelum sampai Ipoh. Bila dah ada PLUS Highway, dah tak lalu jalan lama lagi,,,,,tak dapatlah tengok tapak-tapak lombong bijih timah tu lagi. 

We had a very informative walk....dapat tahu bits of Perak's history....wish Yna was here. She'll love this.

Had to make this Pamelo stop! Lama tak makan buah limau bali ni. Minta yang baka manis. Harga mahal sikit but it was worth it. 

OK am done with this throwback on my Ipoh trip.

Next....Chinese New Year coming.

A note for me : Yes! Aku Ipoh mali.....proud to be a Perakian.

Photos copyrighted to VOCALWEALTH NETWORKS. Unless expressed permission has been granted by Miss Rima Rashidi, you may not copy any images from this site. Using images from this site without permission is prohibited.


  1. jarang tgk akak n famly ber holiday tanpa yna... suke tgk akak nyer kwn2 rpt sume kaum ada... semua negeri ada, harmoni sgt kan...

    bgs betul hero akak tuh, behave sgt, suke je time bergambar... senyum je... limau bali wajib beli kalu pg perak...

  2. weee! i love ur writings kak! finally there's something to read =D. dont stop posting